Oklahoma State University International Strategic Plan MMXV →

Increase enrollment in the English Language Institute by 50 percent while enhancing the number of ELI students who enroll at OSU and are successful in their programs.

English Language Institute


Strengthen and Grow the English Language Institute at OSU to be a Premier Institution Recognized Nationwide for Success in Attaining English Fluency for Non-Native Speakers

Objective One
Implement a new, modernized curriculum based upon five separate eight week instructional sessions per year.
Objective Two
Switch to a system of rolling enrollment, and double the size of the English Language Institute from 100 enrolled students to 200 enrolled students by December 30, 2018.
Objective Three
Attain a pass rate of 90 percent or higher on the TOEFL exam when taken by individuals who have completed the highest level of ELI training offered at the OSU/ELI.
Objective Four
Present to OSU a compelling case for recognizing the faculty of the English Language Institute as OSU faculty members, rather than the current affiliation as staff members, by December 31st, 2018.
Objective Five
Present to OSU a compelling case for offering university credit, especially for temporary students from overseas institutions, in English Language Institute courses by December 31st, 2018.